Abby Cooper

Middle Grade Author

Do you know someone between the ages of 8 - 18 who loves to write and would like to do so with guidance from published author Abby Cooper? (That's me! And I hope the answer is yes, because I'd love to work with the young writer you have in mind, too.) 

As a former teacher and school librarian, I have a lot of experience working with students of all ages. With creative writing tutoring, I provide one-on-one, individualized guidance either in person (Twin Cities, MN only) or via Skype/Google Hangouts. Each session is personalized and focuses on whatever skill your student wants to improve: brainstorming ideas, character development, outlining, revising, or simply working on an ongoing project with feedback and support each step of the way. 

$125/hour (in person) / $100/hour (online)

Available year-round on a weekly, monthly, or one-time basis. 

Teachers, parents, and librarians: contact me for more information and to get started!

"My writing has improved greatly thanks to you! I still struggle with the novel I'm working on, but it is definitely worth it in the end. You really showed me that it's okay to mess up, and that your first draft takes A LOT of work and isn't going to be perfect."

- Maya C., 15

"Thanks for the comments and the good criticism. You helped me have a good idea."

- Logan F., 12

"It means a lot that you read my work. I'm glad  you liked it! I will definitely take your advice; I think it'll get the point across a lot better." 

- Tess N., 13

"Abby makes any writing project the most delightful, engaging project ever! A mentor, teacher, and your biggest fan, Abby's passion for writing is truly contagious. After working with her, my writing has become much stronger. I like writing more in school, too."

- Evan B., 17