Abby Cooper

Middle Grade Author

Coming 10/8/2019!

Coming 10/8/2019!

I sometimes worry that authors won’t be able to continue to write stellar stories like their first ones. That is not the case with Abby. I actually think this novel might be the best one yet.
— Patrick A., 4th grade teacher

Jade wishes her family could leave their no-name town in Colorado already. What kind of place can’t keep a few nice flowers alive or considers three stores a mall, anyway? Everybody else made sure to move away sooner than later, including every best friend Jade’s ever had. But it’s tricky to leave when her dad’s recovering from cancer. So, stuck in a dead-end town with absolutely zero friends, Jade makes one up. In the pages of her notebook, she writes all about Zoe—the most amazing best friend anyone could dream of. The stories flow around-the-clock, especially during boring science lessons or lonely lunch periods. But the plot really thickens when Jade loses her notebook and an actual girl named Zoe shows up at school. In real life. Jade notices that new Zoe seems to have an awful lot in common with made-up Zoe. But who could pull off something this incredible? More importantly, are Jade and the real Zoe destined to be best friends, regardless of how or why Zoe turned up in the first place?



“You’ll fall in love with Abby’s characters, the way she combines multiple storylines so effortlessly and you’ll cheer (out loud) at the end. A perfect MG read aloud!” - Susan S., 3rd - 5th grade librarian

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