Abby Cooper

Middle Grade Author

Do you have a completed middle grade manuscript that you’re ready to take to the next level? I can help! For $250, you will receive:

  • Line editing: Detailed notes on each and every page of your manuscript about structure, word choice, organization, etc.

  • Big picture notes: Thorough comments on all major aspects of your manuscript: voice, character, theme, stakes, etc.

  • Next steps: Diving into revision after receiving notes can be daunting. I will break down a suggested approach to revising your manuscript in an organized, user-friendly, non-scary list. :)

  • Personalized book recommendations: Ideas for mentor texts to read to sharpen specific areas of your craft.

  • Thoughts that will help you not only with this particular manuscript, but with ALL manuscripts you write in the future.

    My availability for this is extremely limited, so if you’re interested, don’t wait! Contact me and let’s get started.

    “Abby has offered me much-needed encouragement on this long, often bumpy, road to publication. Her enthusiasm is contagious! I love her can-do spirit.” - Stefanie W.