I am so excited to offer VIRTUAL WRITING WORKSHOPS for students of all ages. These Skype visits are directly adapted from my in-person workshops, and last about an hour long, including time for questions. 

Workshop Options

$150/workshop (approx. one hour) 


*Workshops are adapted for each grade level

Publication 101

A book goes through many stages before it turns into the final product you see in stores and libraries. In this session, we’ll go through each exciting step of the publishing process, with fun, interactive writing and editing exercises throughout. Students will get to see pages from Sticks & Stones and Bubbles in various stages, as well as notes from real agents and editors.

Fantastic Flashbacks

Flashbacks are important to include in fiction because they show us something about the main character we wouldn't otherwise know. In this workshop, we'll think about how various experiences in our lives helped shape the person we are today. Students will come away with multiple ideas as well as a short written piece that can be used in a variety of different ways. 

Writing is Magical

Roald Dahl once said “a little magic can take you a long way.” In this introduction to magical realism, we'll explore the many ways we can make our stories magical. We'll brainstorm ideas for magical characters, settings, and objects, and we'll experiment with including some of each in our writing. Then, we'll discuss how to account for magical elements in a way that makes sense to readers. At the end, we'll share some of our work. It'll be a magical session!

 Ideas Are All Around

How do writers come up with their ideas? There are lots of fun ways to find and develop stories. In this session, students will learn multiple techniques and strategies to generate great ideas.

***Please don’t let budgetary concerns stop you from reaching out!

I’m happy to work with you to customize a program for your school.***


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